Holiday Sales Shopping Tips for PTOs and PTAs

    Take these tips with you when you hit those Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other after-holiday sales to get deals on items your group can use all year.
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    Pro Tips for an Awesome DIY Pledge Fundraiser

    11 Expert DIY -Athon Fundraiser Tips

    The pros at PTO Today and 99Pledges will walk you through what you really need to know, from reading pledge drives to walkathons.

    Do Meetings Matter?

    Yes, but there are many ways to gauge the success of your parent group's efforts.
  • Finance & Budget

    Protect Your Cash During the Holidays

    Amid all the merrymaking, make sure to use sound financial practices.
  • Student Involvement

    Get Kids Involved in Your PTO or PTA

    Students bring a fresh perspective to your planning. Learn from the experiences of three different groups who involved student representatives.
  • Group Management

    Clique Fixes That Work

    Do parents see your parent group as being a clique? Need to repair or prevent a bad reputation?Change the way people see your PTO or PTA with these six fixes.

    Tips for Taking Better Photos of School Events

    Photos are a great way to generate interest in your school and group events. Our tips can help you take photos that pop.

    25 Ways To Entice New Volunteers

    Tips to bring volunteers in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.