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We know schools.
We know parent groups.

If you want to take your marketing beyond advertising, PTO Today can work with you to create a distinctive, custom marketing program. Our unparalleled connection to parent group leaders at 83,000+ K-8 schools across the county offers unique opportunities to reach your exact demographic for a product launch, sampling program, contest or promotion, or to simply extend your distribution reach. We are uniquely positioned to connect with school PTO and PTA groups and families with school-aged kids.
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Custom Emails

PTO Today is your best partner to reach parent group leaders about your company's promotions, contests, community relations initiatives, or any program where you need to motivate school groups and leaders. This is not just branding awareness – this is activating a network of tens of thousands of highly engaged and influential PTO and PTA leaders for your school-based program.

Highly customized, highly targeted, results-driven – choose to target specific regions or go national for greater reach.

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This lead generation program resulted in hundreds of highly qualified client leads.

Custom Lead Generation

Drive results and build sales by leveraging our proprietary database and unique connections to parent group leaders. Utilize our expertise in the marketplace and our network of school group leaders and influencers to grow your business with this important segment. Perfect for contests, fundraisers, surveys or other marketing programs, we'll work with select partners to develop a highly customized and targeted lead generation program that fits your marketing needs to a "t".

Market Research

Tap into our proprietary database of hundreds of thousands of school parent group leaders from schools all across the country to get their feedback and opinions on a new product, school-based promotion, or marketing program. Our local, regional or national capabilities offers direct targeting, "no waste" distribution channels, and the knowledge you're reaching exactly the right audience.
Contact us to discuss our capabilities and how we can reach your exact demographic.

Product Sampling

Get your product in front of school parent group leaders and school families with PTO Today. No more mass mailings or "hit or miss" sampling – we'll distribute your samples to the leaders you want and the parents you need. Launch a new product, encourage trial or simply test leader reaction.

For fundraising companies, our product sampling program offers opportunities to get leader feedback before you launch. Or, you can seed the market by encouraging trial to secure sales. Your product ends up directly in the hands of the parent group leaders and influencers who make fundraising decisions all year long.

If you're interested in reaching consumers – parents of school-aged kids – with your product, PTO Today offers highly effective distribution on a local, regional or national basis.

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For more information, or to discuss how we can design a custom plan for your business, contact John Williams, National Sales Director, PTO Today.

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