Question: Can someone without kids at the school serve as president?

What is the rule for being a PTO president at a school after your children have graduated? Is this a conflict of interest?

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Advice from PTO Today

Elly writes:

Elly says you’d have to see what your PTO’s bylaws say about officer eligibility. Some parent groups include a provision that board members need to have least one student enrolled at the school, but there’s no official rule about that. The choice is made by the individual group.

Personally, Elly sees no conflict of interest in allowing community members who don’t have children at the school to serve in any type of leadership capacity. In fact, Elly thinks these folks often bring objectivity and a clear perspective to issues. So long as the person is in good standing in your community, has the knowledge and experience to serve as president, and meets the general requirements to be PTO president, Elly thinks there’s no reason why this person shouldn’t be allowed to pitch in.

Community Advice

wkiwaha808 writes:
Aloha. In our PTO, any member of the PTO, except the principal, may serve as an elected officer of the PTO. I'm 20 and have no children of my own, but as an alumnus of the school, feel a sincere desire to contribute to it and my community. I was first elected President in 2010, and have been reelected twice (2011, 2012).

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