Question: Committee Chair Release Forms

Hello. Would it be too over the top to ask our committee chairs to sign a form stating that they will check to make sure their volunteers have a valid CORI on file with the school? This is due to district policy as well as insurance issues. Also, how do you think it would be received if we asked our committee chairs to sign a form stating they will only use personal information that they may come in contact with for parent group business? I would like to assure all potential volunteers that their info such as phone number and email address would not be shared/used for anything other than parent group business. Has anyone implemented such a policy?

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CMay2CK writes:
I, personally, do not think that is too much to ask. However, I would only have to check in with the office staff to check for the proper paperwork. If it is harder than that, maybe not. As for the personal info form, I definately would not be offended in being asked to sign such a form. We do not currently use one, but it is a matter of courtesy. I do not think your chairs would have issue with it.

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