Question: taking money from pto for teacher pay

should it be up to the pto to pay for a science teachers extension for teaching we are going through this discussion right now i don't think it should but need input on this.

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
Some school districts do not allow parent groups to pay salaries/stipends for anyone in the school district. The reasoning behind this has to do with one school in the district that can afford to do that and another school that cannot afford it. You then have different experiences/education going on within the same school district where everyone should be getting similar if not the same education. However the other argument is that if the parent group can afford to do it, why shouldn't the children have the opportunity. Your group will have to make the tough decision on what your group feels is the right thing to so.

Community Advice

Memelove writes:
Can you tell me who to contact to help with a school district that has taken the money the PTO has raised and decided the PTO will have to request any money needed?

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