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Dubli Fundraisers, anyone done a shopping mall or a reverse auction? How did this go? We have a sticky situation with a parent distributor, so looking for information and advice on how to not say that we don't think it is on the up and up, save face for the parent, and still move forward with a tough fundraising year.

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Rockne writes:
Hi Anon - I hadn't heard of them until your post but through a bit of googling I'd say I have the same initial impression as you and -- while I don't know anything about them -- I'd tread carefully. From my read, I imagine your parent is a rep. of this company (looks like about anyone can become one; also looks like a multi-level type of deal). In that situation with any parent, I think you should make very clear that you still need to go through your standard process for vetting and selecting a fundraiser. If you have a solid process in general, then it will make this answer easier. You don't have to say not on the up-and-up; but you might say that we "chose not to go in this direction" right now, perhaps because your fundraising committee already has its fundraising choices planned out for the year.

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wmteachermom writes:
Rockne: Very tactful answer.

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