Question: How do you elect officers when you are starting a PTO as you don't have members yet?

How do you elect officers to a new PTO when you don't have members yet?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You hold an "organizational meeting" for the purpose of forming a PTO. You announce it to the whole school, and anyone who attends may vote. Don't worry about dues, etc. at this point. You can elect a "chairman" to preside over the group until your bylaws are in place and you can run full-fledged elections, or you can simply elect officers for a specific period of time (the remainder of the school year, typically) to run the group while you put more formal organization in place. In most groups, the initial officers in a sense elect themselves -- they are the people who take the lead on getting the group organized, so it's natural that they step into leadership roles.

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