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My PTO has an EIN that they've been using for many many years. I can not find the paperwork to prove where this ein came from and when I do a search online w/ this number, it comes back as not a valid number. What do I do? On top of that, they've been using Another ein # as their tax exempt # - no idea where they got this either, but it is not showing as valid either! I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do next. On other note, are we supposed to file something each year? or submit a renewal notice or anything? I'm wondering if these numbers used to be valid but then weren't kept current w/ the state or fed... I don't know, again just throwing things out there. Someone please help!

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milkbrain writes:
try searching the website. I'm pretty sure they have a listing database you can search. in any case if your groups ein number isn't valid it's super easy to sign up for a new one while you are there. not sure about the tax exempt issue though. good luck with that

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shandav writes:
Thank You! I didn't know if it was going to cost us anything to apply for a new EIN. Since I'm new to this, is there a yearly form or anything that I should be filing each year?

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Craig writes:
Hi Shanday -- It doesn't cost anything to apply for an EIN. You file IRS form SS-4, which you can do online. You'll get an EIN immediately. Talk to your bank to let them know you're doing this. Your EIN is associated with your bank account, and you may have to close one and open a new one. There's no such thing as an IRS "tax exempt number." Becoming tax exempt involves filing to be recognized as a public charity under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. When you do that, you receive a "determination letter" from the IRS. That's your proof that you're tax exempt. Tax exempt charities need to file an IRS information return each year, form 990. To find out if your group is a 501c3, call the IRS nonprofit helpline, 1-877-829-5500. Here's an article on applying for tax exempt status. If you decide to move forward, our Start-up Toolkit includes a section walking you through the application (IRS form 1023) step by step.

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