As president of our school PTO I'm beginning to get frustrated at not only the lack of support/involvement of our teachers but the sense of "entitlement" when it comes to everything we do for them. Throughout the year we give them extra money for supplies and supply dinners during conferences, teacher appreciation week and at the end of the year. Considering we are a PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION, my question is two-fold...ONE - shouldn't the PTO money be used for the school and/or children (equipment, field trips, etc.) and TWO - at the very least shouldn't the teachers play a more active role in the PTO? otherwise, shouldn't we be called the PARENT ORGANIZATION?

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mlinder writes:
We had the same problem. We simply instated a policy that if a teacher was needing funding for a special event or project, then they needed to volunteer during at least 1 event during the year. They could request the funds by filling out a form, but they had to be present when we voted on it. We never turned down requests for normal supplies.

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fjrogers1 writes:
I've been on both sides. First I was a teacher, and couldn't understand why I was being asked to donate both time and money, as my low salary made me feel as though I was ALREADY a volunteer. Now I'm a parent at a school with a very high level of participation. First, we have two teachers who are "teacher representatives" -- at least one of them attend every PTA meeting. We also make the teachers feel very appreciative. Every month a different grade provides a meal...we do teacher appreciation weeks...there's also two annual luncheons....I guess the key is FOOD! We also have a very supportive principal who is able to act as middle man and make clear to both sides what might be causing the lack of involvement (ie the teachers are under a deadline for report cards or testing paperwork)....

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bravesmom writes:
I am having the same issue this year. Last year was my first year as Pto Pres. and I had to ask teachers to volunteer to be on the board! We have to have at least three teacher to make up our pto board. I also found out we paid our teachers $50 EACH and aids! We have over 12 people and a very low budget! I made a motion for us to cut back next year and of course everyone found out about it the following day from those three pto members. On top of that I also found out that the pto did not make money on our book fair because in the past it was decided that the teachers get the free books instead. Is it me or the teachers are the ones getting more the the kids?

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