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Long story.... PTO tresurer was unable to attend fundraising events at end of last school year due work obligations and expecting a baby any day; president stepped in to handle financial duties. After 10 months and numerous attempts to obtain monies gathered from those events we only recieved excuses for not being able to bring them to this meeting, etc.... As of February, the president has stopped responding to phone calls or emails. Don't want to assume anything negative, but with the current actions can't help but do so.... School officials say that it would be out of context for them to step in as PTO is not a school organization. Second issue.... there are never more than 5 members attending meetings, President, VP and tresurer, principal and one occasional parent.... Current plan of action... Hold elections and replace her position. Problem.... She has all bylaws and several other PTO items including money and reciepts that we need? How to get them?

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badpants writes:
I would check with any previous members to see if they have copies of the by-laws. If no one does, then once you have a plan of action, I would draft a letter to your President stating the plan of action, list the items that are in her possesion, which are the property of your group along with how and when you expect them to be returned. If you feel there has been misconduct, then I would also check with an atty to see what kind of recourse you have. Have you been to your bank to see what kind of help they can offer? Even though your treasurer was out of commission, she should still have access to banking records.

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CMay2CK writes:
We had a similar situation with our Foundation. I am not aware of the rules and regs for a PTO, so this may be irrelevant. The new Foundation Pres decided to close the existing 501(c)(3) and apply again. Basically, she started over. This was the best way she thought to keep the Foundation from having legal issues. It was alot of work, but it drew a clear line between the "shady" activities of the previous president and the continuing leaders/members. I agree that you need to consult an attorney and the PTO bank.

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Shan writes:
Notify her that if she doesn't provide all PTO property and monies you'll take legal action. Get copies of all bank records (anyone on the bank account can do so) Then, find an attorney. I am sickened lately by the theft of monies belonging to children, being stolen by "adult" PTO Members :( Best of luck.

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