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Our President causes alot of problems in our PTO. She even goes as far as to turn members on other members. She has made her group with a few of our members and they have made it very hard for all of us to work together. They never want to help with anything if it's not one of there ideas. Even if an idea was voted on and passed, they still will not help or will make it very hard for all of us to work together as a group. My question is, what should we do to try and stop this from happening? Alot of other moms that are not in PTO know about everything that is going on and they don't want anything to do with us. Please let us know what we can do because all the other moms are there for the right reason, it's just the President that just wants to mix everything around. PLEASE HELP!!!

Asked by ivan0623



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Carrie writes:
I can completely understand your situation! Even though it might be very difficult for you I would recommend confronting the president and letting her know that her actions/lack of proper action and support make it very uncomfortable for you to be a part of your child's education through the wonderful group of PTO. If you've already tried talking to her like an adult and she still has made no effort to correct the behavior then I would go to the principle. The principle might not have any idea what is going on and I can promise you that no good principle would allow a parent group to be so exclusive. When are elections for new officers? You may think of running for an elected position. Talk to the other parents that feel the way you do and bring "backup" to the meeting when the voting takes place. Bottom line is you are volunteering so your child will benefit from your involvement. Keep bringing up and following through with the new ideas and even though it is difficult for you to carry them out just remember who you're doing it for--it probably wouldn't hurt to remind the president of that when she makes is near impossible for you!

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