Question: Ramifications of not following the bylaws

Our PTO recently elected co-presidents. However, our bylaws state one president is on the board. What are the ramifications of this (legal or otherwise)? Is the election invalid?

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badpants writes:
I don't know about ramifications, however, I think there are two solutions. One, is to bring up the over sight at a meeting and suggest that the by-laws be ammended to reflect the co-president status. That is assuming you or your group is okay with the co-presidency. If you, or your group are not happy about a co-presidency, you can point out the problem and use the clause in your by-laws that support your opinion. They would be forced to choose who is actually the board. However, if you have already elected co-presidents, you may just have to ammend your by-laws to support what has already taken place and, seemingly acceptable by your group. You could also suggest ammending to reflect a president and a vice president. or if you already have a vice president, you could have a president, vice president and 2nd vice president, which is what my school has.

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