Question: Blogging versus newsletters

How is your school handling this? We use an on-line communication system called Edline that also posts grades and allow emailing. And, we have a FaceBook Group which seems a little redundant but is friendlier to use and most people seem to be on FB. I would like to have a blog too but need to tie them all together. Anyone doing something like tthis?

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
Edline is what our school uses for grades. There is an email function which is how newsletters, handbooks, etc are distributed but you can request to have them mailed as well. Our principal has a blog but I don't know if it it linked to Edline. We access it via the school website.

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merlsor writes:
I am very interested in this question. I am a PhD student studying parent involvement in schools. I would like to conduct a case study of a school that is using online two-way communications with parents. This could be blogs, FB, electronic bulletin boards--or some combo. If you reply here with an email, I would like to contact anyone with experience.

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KSPTO writes:
Our PTO is currently using a yahoo group but we are looking into going with square berry. Squareberry has a calendar and when you send out info to your parents, they choose how to receive it by facebook, twitter, text, email or linked in.

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