Question: can treasurer continue after child graduates

Our treasurer that has been on the board for 3 terms. She had a child in the school who is now leaving to go to middle school in a different town. Can she still be the treasurer? ps. Also this person never even showed up for meetings.... HELP HELP

Asked by amostazi



Community Advice

Radmomincali writes:
In your by-laws, there should be a requirement for meeting attendance and under what circumstances someone can be removed from a position. Review them. If these items are not addressed, you will want to update your bylaws. In our state (California) a person can still hold a position and volunteer even if they do not have students in the school.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi amostazi -- To elaborate on what Radmomincali says below, you should check your bylaws to see if there's anything that prevents your treasurer from continuing. Your bylaws might say that officers should have a child in the school, or they might say that to be a member of the group, you must have a child in the school. If they don't say either of those things (and you don't have term limits), then there's nothing preventing your treasurer from running for reelection.

Community Advice

badpants writes:
our by-laws have a meeting requirement as an officer, as well as a procedure to remove if that requirement has not been met. if your by-laws do not have a similar clause, you may want to consider ammending them. has this treasurer been repeatedly re-elected? perhaps you may be able to drum up a new candidate to run.

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