Question: Perks of being a member of a PTO

We are reconstructing our PTO, and are trying to write a flyer for parents to encourage membership. But I am stuck in how to list the "perks" to being a member. Any suggestions? So far its that they get a vote and a free school directory. Not sure how to write this to make it sound more exciting or "worthy" of notice.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I have a couple of things that might help. The first is our 10 Reasons To Get Involved flyer. The second is the article Involvement Matters: What To Tell Parents. Both of these focus on a powerful argument for getting involved: Research shows that it benefits your child and is likely to have an effect on his performance in school.

Community Advice

ptocsee writes:
I am having the same issue. What we did so far is include any discounts we could give on PTO/Spirit gear, priority seating at events, raffle seating at our big fundraisers which they would otherwise have to pay for. With the raffle seating they have to attend 3 or more meetings to be eligible. Also we can't do this due to limited parking but you could raffle priority parking at big events also.

Hope this helps!

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