Question: Trunk or Treat - where to begin

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to organize a Trunk or Treat at our school. I do not know where to begin. I would also love to put on a Halloween party after. Help!!!

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
Try googling "trunk or treat" and you should get a number of links. Basically, this instead of kids trick or treating door to door, you host the party in a parking lot or field. Families can decorate their car trunks and pass out candy. Kids travel from one car to another “trunk or treating.” If you want to fundraise as well, you can charge the cars to participate or sell food such as hot dogs, sodas and other refreshments. You can get as fancy and involved as you want in regard to having booths, activites, etc.

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tsingletary writes:
Trunk or Treat is a great event! Our school held the event last year and will repeat it this year. Participants were reminded that little ones would be at the event so not to make decorations gruesome or scary. Families planning to attend the event were asked to donate a bag of candy. Day of the event the candy was distributed among 'trunks.'

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reebs3 writes:
We did ours at dusk. Parents decorated their cares and dressed up themselves and the kids traveled to each car until it was just to dark! It was a very authentic version of Halloween, the kids were happy, the parents were raving and we are adding a double haunted house this year. One a little less scary than the other. each family had candy as though they were at home for Halloween. It was really great. We are in the country, so our houses can be several miles from one another, this was the closest to an authentic Halloween these kids have had. Such a success.

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Cdsmith2 writes:
Our program wants to do a trunk or treat as a fundraiser… What should we charge for admission?

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jperinotti writes:
Same here! We are looking to host this as a fundraiser in October. I was thinking $5-$7 per child, $2 for additional siblings over 2yrs of age

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