Question: Advice for apparent intra-board conflict?

Hello, I was selected to serve on the board for a brand new PTO organization for a brand new school. Everyone started gangbusters, but then there have been some conflicts. The president is a micromanager that delegates work only to completely redo it once it comes across their "desk," often not giving any credit to the original person. When asked about this behavior, the president ended up turning a cold shoulder (at least it is perceived that way) to the disgruntled board member. It has now spiraled into the president and vice-president seemingly making the decisions behind closed doors, as opposed to open discussions between all board members. I'm sure this is not a unique situation - any advice on handling this as opposed to just throwing in the towel and walking away? Thanks!

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luresa writes:
I am so relieved to hear that someone else on this planet is thinking about the same accountability-type questions. I am asking as a "second" does anyone have some advice for this kind of "rogue" group?

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