Question: Are PTO's and PFC's accountable and if whom?

I am an active volunteer and I served on the board of our schools pfc for one year. Their bylaws are outdated and do not serve the school or parent body (i.e. "no members"), however the pfc is allowed to put in writing and distribute information to the contrary. This is going on 4 years with the same board members who re-appoint themselves as officers, the treasurer operates alone and apparently is above audit requirements(501c3) and we the parents at this school are donating over $250,000.00 annually .why is this group allowed to take donations and then stockpile reserves and use the money for things other than specified at the time it is given? Is the IRS the only agency that cares at all?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The way to change an entrenched group is to create a grassroots uprising. In other words, get several like-minded parents together. Go to the meetings armed with a copy of the bylaws and Robert's Rules. Be persistent, and get the officers to follow their own rules. If you have enough unhappy parents, you should be able to vote -- including amending bylaws -- to get things the way you want them. When board members make up rules as they go along (like reappointing themselves), it's usually because they think nobody cares. You have to get a group together to say loudly that you care enough to get involved and change things.

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