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I am a support member of a H.S.A. organization where there is a very non-ethical environment. The people who hold are considered the officers of the organization and the principal are all seeming to be oin cohoost with one another.Last year there had to be atleast 7 or 8 fundraisers done and no money to show for it! No accounting is being presented to show proof of what is being done or has been done with the money. A lot of the funding came up missing several times last year. The officers placed themselves in the office and decided when they would leave their position and who would take their places. When the idea of having a real election was presented the principal was ok with it and now she's like leave it the way that it is for the time being, but my concern is what is going to change from last year if we allow this to continue? So I guess my question is what is it that I can do as a parent and a support volunteer to correct this corupt situation that I am faced with. I would like to see the funding that is being generated going towards the schools needs and not just floating in the air. I would like to see that this organization can bridge the gap that the school has now with the parents, children, teachers, and the faculty. I am not sure what it is that I can do, but I am open for any and all suggestions. Let me also inform you that there isn't enough parental involvement within this organization. There were about 6 parents who committed themselves to this organization last year and there has only been two in the office trying to get things done this year since school has started (and that is including myself) but our voices aren't being heard. Thanks in advance for all of your support in advance. In Health & Healing, Adrienne Mack

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Adrienne -- That does sound like a very difficult situation. Your best bet is probably to assemble a group of parents interested in shaking things up. If you can get a group to attend meetings, it sounds like you could fairly easily set the agenda, win votes, etc., especially if there are only two people participating now. Also, have you expressed your concerns privately to the principal? She's not likely to get involved in a discussion that involves pointing fingers, but she might listen to your ideas for improving the PTO. Good luck! -- Craig

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