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Question: PTO Set Up

Can our still set up a PTO this late in the school year or do we have to wait till next Fall? We have a parent volunteer group that we call PAWS and this organization has all the officers. If we can start PTO this late in the year could we keep these officers to finish out the school year?

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Craig writes:
I definitely don't think it's too late to organize a PTO. In fact, even organizing in the spring works because it gives you a running start on the next year. It sounds like you already have a PTO in place, though. Although we use the term PTO because it's the most common, PTOs are simply independent parent groups, not affiliated with the National PTA. Most schools have independent PTOs. The thing about being independent is you can write your own bylaws, choose your own name, and decide on your own mission. You also don't need to pay dues to a national organization. (There's no National PTO -- at PTO Today we offer information and support to all parent groups.)

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