Question: Should teachers pay to be members?

We are a HS PTSO and our member fee is $25 per family and $10 per teacher/staff member. Recently a parent complained that teachers should not have to pay a fee to be a member. We welcome anyone at our meetings whether they are a member or not. Our membership fee is part of our annual fundraising.

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Community Advice

TussahawPTO writes:
I agree that all members whether parent or teacher should pay the membership fee, for without these dues the organization would not have the funds to do the special things we do for the teachers and children. Although your fee is high, our school would never get the involvement from parents if we were to charge that membership fee. Our fee is across the board $5 and we still have a hard time for 100% participation.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
We've seen it both ways. In general, I think it's wise not to charge dues to teachers. You want their help regardless of whether they have paid dues or not, and you don't want teachers to feel like their arms have been twisted to support the PTO. One compromise would be to make the $10 a suggested donation rather than a membership fee.

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