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Besides the normal structure of Pres, VP, Sec and Treasurer, do any of you have Boards structured differently? I'd like to consider other structures that share the work at the top (our VP position is unfilled). Our PTA runs 40 different programs and as Pres, I'm overwhelmed. Would like some ideas of how to share the workload amongst other leaders.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
That's the standard structure for a board, and if your group is incorporated, you may need to keep those positions. However, you can certainly add to the board. Many groups have co-officer or assistant officer positions. Sometimes the work seems less intimidating if it's shared. This can also help with transition. For example, your co-treasurer could assist the treasurer and essentially be training to take over in the future. Some groups have 1st VP and 2nd VP -- either one might be a future president. You might add a volunteer coordinator to the board or chairs of important committees. Sometimes it's the title that gets in the way. A person might be willing to help out with specific tasks but might be intimidated by the title of vice president. In that case a good volunteer coordinator can work wonders in recruiting people to do specific jobs that need to be performed. Of course, it's then up to you to delegate. It sounds like you have a very active group. The key for you might simply be to pinpoint the jobs that need to be done, then find people to do them -- regardless of title. One more thing -- keep in mind that it's OK to do less if you don't have the volunteer power you need to carry out all of your programs and activities. Sometimes the threat of canceling something will bring forward people who are willing to pitch in. Good luck, and thanks for all your hard work on behalf of your school. PTO leaders don't always get a lot of appreciation, but we understand the hard work you do and the important contribution you make.

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