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our schools pto has a budget of approx.18000.00. the budget for t.a.w. is 500. we have done a lunch and dinner both for a total of 500. now this chairperson claims that she needs double the amount to do this next meal .how can we make her see she does not need this big of a budget ?> she is part of the old clique at the school

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kczech writes:
How many people do you feed and what type of gift do you give the teachers? We have a school of 780 students, with approximately 55 teachers-but total staff is 100. We feed and provide a small gift to all 100, and the cost is generally around $1,100.00-$1,200.00.

Community Advice writes:
Try Leed's Manf. in New Kensington, PA~ they have a web site ~they will also tell you that you have to find a distributor for their products, but stand tall! Most of thiker customer service reps don't realize that they do help w/ non-profit orgs. You have to ask for the Supervisor and get your request to the Pres. They w/ help and have VERY nice produts for the staff. I only live about 15 miles and my husband's best friend works thier. I think your will be able to find something real nice between $6-8 per person. Good luck! PS searching the web on this site takes some time but it will work. I am in the sameposition this year and they think I can find a good cator and stick to $6.00 a head ~this just won't happen ~The best I can do with out feeding them hogies is $8.00 per head for a luncheon......

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CMay2CK writes:
Quite frankly, the Chair person has no right to demand more money. The PTO votes on the budget as a whole. The budget was set for this event. She needs to come in at or under budget, or hand over Chair to someone else. You've got to stick to your guns, otherwise this could open up a giant can of worms with other events/programs. Tell her you will take her needs into consideration for next year, but this year's budget is set.

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