Question: Teacher Appreciation

Should parapros be included in teacher appreciation or honored on a different day?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Definitely included, in my opinion. Teachers are important, but so are the people who are helping them. No need risk anyone feeling slighted. The more inclusive your appreciation, the better.

Community Advice

kscarpulla writes:
I agree, we are in the planning stages for our Teacher appreciation for this year and plan on including our paraprofessionals as well as our literacy, math and magnet coaches and our librarian. These people are just as important as the teachers because without them quite often our children wouldnt get the education they deserve.

Community Advice

codyconnormom writes:
I am a new PTO President for the next school year, but because our current PTO only has 3 members, my new crew is helping out, and we all have our own ideas for TA week,but we automatically included our math, gym,LD, etc teachers in our numbers for what we will do this week, eventhough they are not your childs primary teacher, they still teach your child, and it was automatic for us to include them all.

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