Question: Length of terms

Is it ok for a president to remain in office outside of the bylaws? Ex. Our bylaws state 1 year term, 2 consecutive years in one office. I have been presidnent for 4 years and there is no one to run.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd recommend voting to amend your bylaws so that the term limits are 2 years "unless there are no other candidates for the office." Eventually you're going to have to retire, so concentrate early in the next year on targeting a successor. Give her (or them -- you're better off with more than one potential candidate) increasing responsibility, and help her to feel that she'll be able to tackle the president's job -- that it won't be overwhelming. Often the problem in attracting new officers is that they don't know enough about the office to feel comfortable taking it on -- both in terms of duties and time commitment. Talking people into it doesn't often work. You're better off showing them firsthand, which means getting started early in the year.

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