Question: Questions for Middle Level Education teachers from a future teacher!

Hello everyone! My name is Mary and I am currently an education student at Illinois State. I have been assigned a project to join a discussion group and ask questions to middle school or junior high teachers. You can answer all of them or just one or two, anything will help! Thank you to any one who responds! 1. How do you deal with diversity in the classroom? 2. How did you establish your expectations of the students in the classroom? 3. What are some differences you see between grade levels? 4. What are differences you see between boys and girls? 5. What strategey/ies do you use to organize your classroom/lessons

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Mary -- This community is made up primarily of parents who are leaders of PTOs and PTAs. You might do better on a community aimed specifically at teachers. I know is aimed specifically at middle school teachers, although you may need to be a member to participate. Several other sites, like, and edutopia have grade-level discussion boards. Good luck!

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