Question: How to set up a room parent?

I am working at a school that is in it's third year and we are looking to set up "room parents" and set up a PTO. I have looked online to find information on handbooks, but it is the setting up that is the challenge. We are a small school with less that 200 students. Can someone help getting me started?

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WCESParent115 writes:
I'm in the same boat although our school has approx 760 students! I was tasked with developing the Room Parent Program. I was a room mom at a private school and I remember receiving a folder with the classroom and teacher info (birthday, etc). I wish I would've kept all of that :-( If I find anything I'll post here or if you find any info let me know. Thanks!

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amymosley writes:
One way is to ask for one or two people in each classroom to attend the monthly meetings, and they would serve as both room parents and class representatives. The roles would be to share information with other parents on key events, activities, and communications, and they would take on any tasks from the teachers, as well, for the particular classrooms. The communication then goes from the meetings to the parents, to each classroom, and even to the teachers!

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