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I am going to be starting my senior year at Illinois State University this upcoming year. I am currently enrolled in a Middle Level Education class and need to interview a few teachers. If I could have a few responses from several teachers that would be extremely helpful. I was mainly interested in teams. Since this is a topic very specific to middle schools it seems the most important thing to get information on. Here are several questions that would be helpful to have answered: 1. How often do you believe cross-subject units should occur? How helpful do you believe this is over units that do not cross over all core subject areas (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies)? 2. Do you ever try to integrate some of the teachers into your units that are not part of the core curriculum (such as Arts teachers or Foreign Language teachers)? 3. For those of you who have been in team schools and schools without teams, which is better? How is this shown in the development and learning of the students? 4. What type of benefits do you see from having classes that do not adhere to a rigid schedule? Such as a science lab one day that takes up two periods, and a math class the next day that replaces science? 5. I have heard that a comfortable classroom is best for students, one with comfortable chairs, different tables, etc. Have any of you had tried this, and with what outcomes? 6. How do you handle students that are all at different levels cognitivly? This is the thing that I am worried about the most, so any answers to this question will be much appreciated. (Specific examples would be wonderful if possible). That is all for now. Thank you to any of you that can help me with this.

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Craig writes:
Hi Kaknapi -- You're not the first from your class to post here. However, this is a community of parents, not teachers. We do occasionally have some teachers who post, but you're much more likely to get a response on a community like middleweb or another that focuses on middle school teachers. Good luck.

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