Question: HAS ANYONE used the PTOToday Internet Safety Night Kit?

We were thinking of using the PTOToday internet safety night kit , but my principal wanted to hear from other schools that used it first. Let me know if he can contact you or your administration to ask his questions about the kit and power point presentation. Thanks!

Asked by mboc123



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hello -- I just want to mention that the kit has been used by several thousand schools in the four or so years that we've offering it. We're currently in the midst of a significant rewrite of the presentation to reflect new developments and trends, including more on social media and smart phones. The new kit will be available in August. You can order the revised Internet Safety Night kit here.

Community Advice

oceanpackrat writes:
We used the Internet Safety night kit....and thought it was family friendly....but to add to it - our principal invited an local expert to speak - and that presentation was for parents only...

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