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I am from Albion, Pa. I am looking for a fun and exciting school assembly that children from K-5 would enjoy. I have Google this and there is way to many choices to choice from I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction??
- Polly9786

Commandos! USA® has a 22 year history of presenting one of the most exciting school assembly programs in the United States! In addition to that, it's FREE if you are willing to sell their products that reinforce their message for five consecutive days after the presentation. Your school will also keep 15% once a minimum amout is reached to cover expenses. A FREE assembly AND your PTO makes money! What a win, win situation! With topics from bullying to academic success to drug prevention, Commandos! USA is a consistant, solid assembly. You won't go wrong. Extensive Video References are also available upon request. They can be reached at or 281.347.3500 or send them an email at
- commandosusa
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If you narrow down the subject of the assembly, that will make finding one easier. Pick a subject that your school needs or would reinforce the curriculum and put it into google along with school assembly program or something. Pick 3 that look good and then call each one and try to get a feel for their professionalism. Look at any videos they have. Check out the bios of the people involved. Good luck.
- kidpower
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