Question: How involved is your district in your PTO finances?

Our district is asking to look at our PTO finance books. They want consistent updates. This is all new and we are concerned that once they have their hands on our info they will slowly try to take over and put parameters on us. Our PTO raises a lot of money for our school and the other schools in the district do not. We don't want the district cutting funds for the school when they see how much we help.

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OPEMom writes:
Our school district is trying to do this as well. While we are not a PTO, we feel this is a direct violation. Our district has two PTAs, one PTO, four HSA and one OPE (which is me). They are placing outrageous demands on all of us and will not let us proceed with anything until we comply. Please let me know how it works out with you. Thank you!

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loraC writes:
not an answer but.. we are going through same issue,says the principal, however the distric home page states something completely different. let me know please how that turns out.

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