Question: PTO refuses to issue receipts - course of action?

I found that our school's PTO is incorporated as a non-profit organization with the state. The PTO runs several clubs after school in which my children participate. I asked for receipts for my payments including an EIN so that I can turn them to the tax-saver benefit account for child care reimbursement. I was told that the PTO cannot issue me a receipt nor provide an EIN that because it is not a donation, but a service. From my perspective as a purchaser of the service, they should provide me the receipts as any other business. Any advice please?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Yes, they are likely wrong. Issuing a factual receipt can't get anyone in trouble. "Mrs. Jones paid $40 to send her child to our after-school kids' club this week" would be a fact. What you did with that receipt would be on you. Just seems like more education necessary, if it's really important to you. Tim

Community Advice

M. Jones writes:
We are dealing with a similar issue at our school. And, yes the PTO probably should offer receipt for anything you send in. However, pay by check and then that can serve as your receipt.

But, let's be clear, payment for PTO sponsored clubs, events, or services are not tax deductible. A service is provided and payed for. DONATIONS to the PTO (or other non-profits) ARE tax deductible.

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