Question: providing babysitting

Does your PTO provide babysitting during your monthly meetings?

Asked by ckepto



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CMay2CK writes:
No, we do not. There is basically no room in the budget to do so. However, it is not a bad idea. It might improve attendance.

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ckepto writes:
We are looking at recruiting our high school community service club to do the babysitting. We have concerns about liability and how to handle it.

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jlmardlin writes:
All students in the high school have a community service requirement to meet before they can graduate and there is also a leadership program for high school students. At the beginning of the school year, or whenever you have all of your event dates set, we send an e-mail to the teacher that heads up the leadership program and request volunteers. Not only does this give us helping hands and free child care givers, but it also gives them the hours they need to graduate!

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notkathyvolz writes:
Our organization meets every two months. We do provide childcare (with at-will donation for caregrivers), but we are a very small private school (

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