Question: Voting Rules

Is there a minimun amount of members participating in a vote required? Our by-laws are very high level and voting is not sufficiently addressed. In a few days we will be voting on spending some additional money above and beyond the approved budget.

Asked by Df.asha



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Your bylaws should include a quorum number for voting purposes. If that's not included, you should add that immediately. Set the quorum at a number slightly less than your typical meeting attendance. It needs to be low enough to allow you to do business on a regular basis and high enough that a few people can't dictate the direction of the group if you have a poorly attended meeting. Your own quorum number is really the only standard for the number of people who need to vote. There's no fixed number in Robert's Rules, for instance, because organizations can be so vastly different in terms of membership and participation.

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