Question: Change from PTSA to PTSO

How quickly and easily can we switch our organization from PTA to PTO. How long would it take? What are the steps? What can we use from PTSA without having to reinvent the wheel. Can we keep same Tax ID #? Can we use existing bylaws? Can I do vote via email?

Asked by valkaylor



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Valkaylor. I'll start by directing you to an article on making this switch. You'll see that there are a number of straightforward steps to take and the process of actually making the switch should not take a very long time.The article has a link to the IRS website where you can download the EIN and other forms you need to get started. It also addresses the steps you need to complete to wrap things up as a PTA. In this article, you'll find lots of links to other PTO start-up articles that you might find useful. With your existing bylaws, you might want to use that document as a baseline and then add to it and amend as needed.  As a PTO, you have more independence to set up the bylaws as you see fit. Regarding the voting by email, in certain select cases, such as when board members are voting on something, it may work ok, but you probably want to avoid it for any large group voting. (Email isn't 100% reliable. Votes could be lost, etc.). Good luck! We are here to help so let us know if there's more information you need.

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