Silent Auctions

I am trying to organize a silent auction for our school. What time of year tends to be the most successful for this type of fundraiser? Advice and suggesions are welcome!
- lcourtright

There are many opinions on this one. It may depend on what type of items you intend to auction. From our experience, different things sell fall vs. spring. For spring, we focus on day trip/vacation offerings as well as outdoor activities. People want to be able to use their items over the summer. Spring is also the time we have class projects available. For fall, we have more exotic items that can be Christmas gifts, as well as seasonal decorations and sports related items. This is also the best time to offer our teacher experience packages. Good luck to you!
- rm9116
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We do one in the fall, but it competes with other events. The auction in the spring gets more visitors.
- Martha
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