Question: Volunteering commitments

I am wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to track required volunteer hours? How do you enforce a required volunteer requirement? Also, does anyone have any programs in place where if a parent meets their volunteer committment they can get financial assistance for field trip and other school activities, no questions asked?

Asked by spetkewich



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We've heard of various methods for tracking volunteer hours, from a traditional spreadsheet to more complex software. Also, you could take a look at our PTO Manager software, which groups use to track volunteers. We've also heard of various incentive programs and schools using "passport'' types of programs so when you have a certain number of hours "stamped,'' you get some kind of incentive, like free tickets to an event or something along those lines. Also, we have many articles on encouraging volunteers, which might help you as well. Good luck! 

Community Advice

NeillRay writes:
Your approach matters. You can track sign-ups and trust the volunteer to do the work. Alternatively, you can track actual hours worked, but this requires someone to confirm the hours were worked. For this approach, you need something akin to a payroll system.

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