Question: How many PTO groups can there be in one school?

At my school, we have had a very good PTO that goes directly by the rules. The school principal and vice principal has now set up a Spanish PTO along with the regular PTO. They have separate meeting with different agendas. Spanish PTO also did a fundraiser that the money went directly to the Principal fund. Is this possible?

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SailAwayAK writes:
Wow. I am in a similar boat that our principal has a separate 501c3 set up that goes straight into the principals account. Not sure how to answer your question. Do I think they should be allowed to do this? No. I doubt that schools would be allowed multiple PTA's because I don't think, and I could be wrong, that the national organization wouldn't want competing programs in one school.

Why would the school create a different PTO for spanish if the current PTO supported the school is my question? Did they feel that Spanish wasn't getting a fair treatment from the current PTO?

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