Getting Involved

I am trying to get more parents involved in our PTO meetings. Does anyone have any advice or good ideas? We have tried door prizes, but did not work. Please help!!!
- Jaime

We hear you -- and so do many other PTO leaders!

Meeting attendance and involvement can feel like the bane of a PTO leader's existence. It really is a challenge to build up those numbers. But, it also is really important to keep in mind that your group isn't defined by meeting attendance. Your group is defined by the many things it does: successful programs, community involvement, supporting teachers, fundraising and create a culture of inclusiveness. So, don't sweat it if your attendance numbers aren't impressive.

Our publisher wrote a great article about keeping meetings in perspective that's worth a read.

Having said not to sweat the numbers, it is still worth encouraging people to come to meeting and doing your best to make them fun. Here are a few stories that might spark some creative ideas for you:

Boosting Meeting Attendance

6 Ideas for Memorable Meetings

Good luck!
- Rose H
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