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Is The pricipal supposed to have total say over how the funds raised by the PTO is spent? I am the PTO President and last year we wanted to do plenty things and the principal said no to almost everything. During the summer she decided to buy this office machine for the school from the PTO funds without our notification. I am unclear of the boundaries and guidelines of this.

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Catstarwalt writes:
I would love to know the answer to this too. Having similar issues at our school.

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Rose H writes:
Well, sounds like some boundaries were clearly overlooked. But, that is if your group is set up as an independent parent group. If that is the case, then your group is supposed to have final say on how the money is spent. It is money that your group raised. Of course, the trick is you can't completely disregard the principal. It always makes more sense to work with the principal and try to make decisions that are mutually beneficial. At this point, you need to request a meeting with the principal and, in friendly tones, discuss what your roles are and how to best work together. You may need to point blank say that he/she can't just buy office equipment and expect the PTO to simply write a check. You would be doing a disservice to all of your members who, justifiably, expect to have a say or vote in how the group's money is spent.

Here are some good articles on working with the principal that will help:

Good luck and please stay in touch! 

Rose C.
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