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Trying to figure out 501-3c requirements. Does anyone have a sample of articles of association for an unincorporated non-profit or a constitution and what they should contain? Anything to help complete an IRS 1023 form.

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Rose H writes:
Hi swinggigi, 

Here's a good starting point, our article on the 501(c)3 process. Here's the link

Also, this article, Taxes, PTOs and the IRS, has great information.

Many questions on specific 501(c)3 quesitons and answers on this forum that you may also find helpful as well, such this one on how to file.

You can also try contacting the Secretary of State's office in your state. Sometimes, they have a template for Articles of Incorporation/Association.

These should be good starting point. Stay in touch! And please let us know if we can help you further! 

Rose C. 

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