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We recently had a fundraiser and the company went out of business. We were able to salvage the orders but the orders were delayed. We had an irate parent that verbally abused both our volunteers and school staff. He insisted he wanted his money back. The principal promised him his money without consulting us. The following day we canceled his order and processed a refund check. He then called the school and told them he wanted his products instead. The PTO decided that we would keep to the original arrangement and refund his money. The principal told us we were unprofessional and we needed to reinstate his order because he was a good supporter of the school. We were more concerned about his behavior (he was screaming at the school when children were present ) We asked for the Superintendent to get involved so we would have no further situations with this man. The Superintendent requested the phone number of the company so he could reinstate the order. Can they over rule our decision? We are concerned not only because we were overruled but also because of the safety of our children and staff.

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gjcoram writes:
Does it cost you anything to reinstate his order? I'd ask for further decisions to be conveyed in writing, so there's no question about who asked for what when. I think the principal was out of line for accusing you of being "unprofessional" -- you are, in fact, volunteers, not professional fundraisers, whereas dealing with parents is part of his "profession." And I assume the volunteers are also "good supporters."

Perhaps the superintendent can't overrule your decision, based on the contract that a PTO volunteer (?) signed with the vendor, but you don't want to get into that battle (or any battle) with the superintendent. You need to have someone who can speak calmly meet with the superintendent, explain your position, and ask what you should do to ensure the safety and positive climate in your school. But you need someone who can do it calmly, not irately as this parent. If you are concerned for your safety, perhaps the parent should pick up his products from the superintendent?

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