Question: VP Angrily Resigned but Is Still on the Board - How Best to Handle Future Situations?

Hi. I'm a new PTA president for the coming year and my VP recently resigned after chewing me out on the phone for various reasons. She is still in charge of a few events so we will have to 'deal' with one another in the future. Anyone have any advice on dealing with future awkwardness (like when I introduce the new VP at our first board meeting) and/or attempts to negatively affect the board/PTA? I can handle under breath comments (I don't enjoy them but can deal with it!) but am worried they will distract from the PTA mission of helping create community, etc. Thank you in advance!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Keep it positive. There is probably no need to share the circumstances of her chewing you out. Rather, put it in the context that she decided to focus on a few specific PTA projects and this other person has decided to step up as VP. There's always going to be a few whispered remarks. Just stay positive. We have a great article on dealing with difficult people that will give you some good tips on how to handle conflict should it arise.

Also, this article on stopping PTO drama may be a good one to read.

Good luck with everything!

Rose C

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