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Does anyone have a form for volunteers to sign giving them authorization to use the schools EIN to obtain silent auction things? Our principal wants me to type something so no one can use it for personal gain, only school purposes, to protect our PTO. Apparently it has happened at other schools in our district!

Asked by wmjake



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Are you saying that people have solicited auction donations for the school and kept them for themselves? Wow! I hope they have been caught and reported to the police.

We don't have a form to track EIN use, but I would create it something like this:

This form authorizes (name) to use the Employer Identification Number of (School) for the sole purpose of soliciting donations for the silent auction scheduled for (date).

Any other use of the (school) EIN is prohibited.

Signature of EIN user
Authorizing signature

Community Advice

wmjake writes:
Yes, apparently it has been done, but I have no idea what the outcome was. It was not at our school, but in our district of about 35 elementary schools. That is great info, short and sweet. Thanks!!!!!

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