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We have recently started a PTO after it being missing from the school for 4 years. We want to give teachers $150 to purchase things for their classroom or reimburse them for things they have purchased this year. How does your group do it? Do they require the teachers to submit a request in advance and submit receipts? The board wants to make sure that it goes for things for the students benefit.

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mum24kids writes:
Yes, we require that teachers submit a request for funding in advance and then reimburse them once they turn in receipts, but we generally give "mini-grants" for more than $150. For that amount of money, it might be more efficient to put out a list of the types of things you expect the teachers might want to spend money on, so the teachers know what is reasonable, and then just reimburse them when they turn in their receipts.

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kdwalters1 writes:
Our school is a small PK-12 school. A couple of times a year we ask our teachers to provide a needs list for their classroom. Our PTO purchases what we are able to. We can never get everything they ask for be we get what we can. We have also had the teachers put their needs on paper apples and let them decorate a Christmas tree or bulletin board for our open house in the fall and ask parents to pick an apple to purchase the item (and donate it) for the teacher. Teachers list need on one side of the apple and their name and class on the other so the parents can pick something that will benefit their child (if they so choose).

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ptotreasureratice writes:
I have been trying to post a question but it keeps giving me an OOPS saying. I thought maybe since this is the topic I have a question about I could post it here and see if anyone could help:
I was wondering if anyone had a teacher discretionary fund form that they use to keep track of funds for the teacher. I am trying to figure out a way to keep track each month of what is spent by teacher and can't seem to find any type of form out there.
I would greatly appreciate some help...
Thanks so much for your time!

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