Question: Spending unexpected donations

I am new to the PTO and have attended all of the meetings and volunteered for several events this year. We had a very successful new fundraiser this year and brought in almost double our normal budget. Is it wrong to think there should be a meeting about how to spend that money? Is it typical for a board to hold a summer meeting where all financial decisions are made and not have member input?

Asked by Thurfields



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Rose H writes:
Hi Thurfields,

First, happy to hear that your group brought in some extra funds to help the school. But, in terms of making decisions about how it is spent, the group's members should be involved. There should be a budget process coming up (many groups do this in the spring for the next school year) where the board presents its proposed budget to the members and the budget is then voted on. So, your description of decisions being made over the summer doesn't sound quite right. Having said that, your group may have its own particular set up, so it would be important to request a copy of the group's bylaws and review what it says about the budgeting process.

Good luck,
Rose C.

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