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I have been president of our PTO for the past 4 years - and a full volunteer the year before that. The previous co-presidents are both gone, and the rest of the 'officers' are pretty much by title only. I do all of the work myself - newsletters, fundraisers, facebook page, staff communication, etc (and also work a full time job and run my child around for activities just like every other parent out there). The secretary doesn't show up for meetings. If the VP shows up, she does not provide any input or help in any way. Our treasurer does help out, and writes the checks and cashes the others, but does not want any responsibilities beyond that. I am tired and stressed out. I want to resign, but know that there won't be anyone else to step up and take over my - and all the other - duties, and the ones to suffer will be the children. We also have a new principal (2nd year at our school) who said she loved PTO's when she was at 'meet the new principal night' 2 years ago, but has yet to come to meetings or discuss anything going on in/at the school with us. She doesn't reply to emails, and when I see her in the halls, she always avoids conversation. Anything school/community related we find out about through slips of paper coming home in the child's backpack. This is frustrating when we are trying to build up the FUN - and not just present the parents with FUNDraisers all the time. Example - I was just told she planned a School Yard Clean Up Day next month - this is something the PTO should be involved with, but she hasn't said a thing. We also have horrible parent volunteer issues. We have almost 500 students and are lucky if you can get a hand full of parents for a few hours here or there for a book fair or any other event. I want to retire - and so does my family - but just don't know how to knowing that there won't be anyone to step up and take over. I would guide them and give them all the information they need, but just can't do this all alone anymore. I have mentioned it to a couple other board members in passing, and they have all said that if I go, so will they - so that would wipe out the entire office. I have even sent home fliers (I think I got them from PTO Today) asking what the parents would do without the PTO, but got no response. I have been posting PTO Officer positions in the monthly newsletters, but of course not a peep. Please help!

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JHMS.PTO writes:
I would also like to add that last week we held a fundraiser to fix the playground. I had some help from a local politician (who's child attends the school), and we raised over $13,000 so the playground will now get fixes. And yesterday I just finished collecting donations and sending the calendar (calendar raffle) to the printer after putting it all together. This fundraiser will raise another $10,000 to support the PTO for the year. Of the $4,000 in donations collected, I raised over $2,000 of them myself). I get kuddo's from a handful of parents (nothing from the principal, nor did she show up for the event last week where we had presentations and many officials from the city), but that's not what I want. I want help, not a pat on the back. I am exhausted. Do I just turn in my resignation and let the principal 'deal with it' when it comes across her desk?

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