Question: Teacher Appreciation Week: Older Students

We are a K-12 school. Teacher appreciation week is easy for the K-6 students (we set a theme for each day and students bring an flower, or a supply, or candy, etc.). What ideas are there for the 7th-12th grade teachers? We'd like for the students to participate, but know a 9th grader won't bring in a flower to all 6 of their teachers, etc.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Great question!

Agree that many high school students wouldn't want to bring the teacher a flower. There are some fun ideas more suitable to older students, like holding a car wash for the teachers, planting flowers around the school, creating thank-you posters, or even delivering snacks and coffees to the teachers in their classrooms. 

We have tons of great teacher appreciation ideas and we just recently compiled all of our teacher appreciation "stuff'' (articles, downloadables, clip art) into one document called our Teacher Appreciation Resource List. I think you'll file it helpful!

All the best,

Rose C.

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lisagaga writes:
Maybe items they use up like stationary, sticky notes, markers, etc.

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