Question: Volunteers NOT in the PTO

Our school has volunteers that are NOT members of the PTO, any suggestions on how to welcome them to join us. It is kinda of "we scratch their back, they scratch ours" relationship. We would like to strengthen the relationship between the two!

Asked by tlk1990



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi tlk1990,
This is a great question. Are you talking about individuals, room moms, other volunteer groups? Reason I'm asking is to see if there's a way that you can reach out to these folks and take a first step by doing a casual get together (an evening at a local pub or a morning coffee?) to make an initial connection and see how you can start working together.

I'd also like to post this on our Facebook page. I bet there are some great answers in the community.

Rose C.

Community Advice

tlk1990 writes:
Hi Rose! It is a mix of everything, we have a community liaison that works at the school and has a volunteer pool. Most of them do stuff during the day and we sometimes need help after hours. We want to find a way to bridge the gap. I do like the idea of a get together, the PTO does sponsor the end of year Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, but a handful of those folks are involved in the PTO....

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