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Last year there was embezzlement in our PTA. That means that we are not eligible to have one this year. We would like to have a PTO and do not know where to start. After speaking with the principal, I have volunteered to take on the task. I have no idea where to start. Can someone please help and point me in the right direction?

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Rose H writes:
Hi tolman05
Interesting you raise the topic. We just posted a video on this very topic on our Facebook page because the folks in our leader support group said they had been getting many questions on this very topic.

Here's the video link:

As we explain in the video, your best bet is to first try to round up some parents -- even just a few -- who are (or might be) interested in working with you. Have an informal get together and talk about what you'd like to do this year as a new group. Keep it simple. I'm sure you feel a little pressure to do something to help move beyond whatever happened last year with the embezzlement issue. But, have that first meeting, think about planning a family event this fall to help build a sense of community, and then you can get down to the business of setting up a new PTO: Electing or appointing officers, drafting bylaws, setting up a bank account, etc.

We have a very good article that will walk you through all of this:

When you go to that article, you will see links to a number of other stories about writing bylaws, what to consider for insurance, how to apply for 501 c (3) status, on so on.

Also, our leader support folks are there to help guide you through the early steps and they'd be glad to help you. 1-800-644-3561.

Good luck!
Rose C

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